The History of Astronomical and Mathematical Sciences in India (HAMSI) Working Group is dedicated to fostering and disseminating research in the history of Indian exact sciences (including astronomy, mathematics, and related subjects), and integrating it into the history of mathematics in general.

16 January 2014

Chennai Workshop December 2013

The HAMSI working party met for the first time at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in Chennai, India for the week of December 15-19.
 The  topic was "Parampara puzzle pieces: questions of authorial identity and lineage in second-millennium texts".  Each participant shared a problem  based on unpublished manuscript source or sources concerning an ambiguity or uncertainty in the authorship of a text related to second-millennium jyotisa, or in tracing a relationship whether genetic or academic between two or more such authors.  Over the course of the week we read discussed the sources together.  In addition we spent a day visiting the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library at U Madras the K V Sarma Memorial library.